Leadership Training

The Junior League (JLL) is dedicated to leadership training and having volunteers that are ready to serve the Louisville capacity in a number of volunteer capacities.

Our leadership training is available in a variety of ways. Below we explore a few of those. Members’ paths are all different and many get friendship, networking, community service, and more from JLL. However, most would agree our leadership training is unparalleled.

  • Committee Work
    • Every active member is part of a committee. Committee membership allows hands-on experience including planning an event, managing a budget, procurement, sponsorships, marketing and so much more.
    • There are also opportunities to lead the committee. This is a great place to learn to manage people and resources.
  • Training Events
    • Members can participate in training meetings from learning to be an effective manager and leader to how to interact with children who have faced trauma in their lives.
    • Our general meetings incorporate a training and learning component. We have speakers ranging from life coaches to social workers or experts who can teach us about issues facing our community.
  • Membership Enhancement
    • We host a number of membership enhancement events including arts & crafts events, dinners, a book club, and more. This is an opportunity to network and get to know fellow members and unwind. We recognize the value of having a chance to get to know each other outside of a structured meeting or community event.
  • Community Projects
    • We plan and execute a number of projects in conjunction with other nonprofits in our Louisville community. Our past projects have included bringing the Susan G. Komen race, the Ronald McDonald House, and Safe Place to Louisville among many others.