Junior League of Louisville and Metro United Way

Junior League of Louisville and Metro United Way

In 1937, Miss Mary Chenault VanWinkle attended an Association of JL International Conference where she learned about Volunteer Bureaus that other Leagues had started.  When she became president in 1938, she started a partnership with the Council of Social Agencies to form the Volunteers’ Bureau.  The Bureau was formed to recruit, train and refer volunteers to community service.  It was also set up to help inform and educate the community to better understand social service programs.

During the first year, the group had 400 volunteers assisting more than 26 local agencies and provided $1,250.  Over the next five years, the League made contributions totaling $5,400.  The JLL even paid this group to conduct the Leagues’ Provisional training.

After three years, the JLL turned over the Bureau to the Council of Social Agencies, now known as Metro United Way.  Although it has changed names over the years landing on Volunteer Connection in 1988 the basic intent of the program still exists to act as clearinghouse placing individuals who want to help agencies that need.

The Junior League also created the Community Chest for Family Services that helped provide financial assistance with living expenses, rent, food, etc.  This was also taken over by Council of Social Agencies (MUW).

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